The Biggest And Best Football Academies in Vietnam

Football is a sport that has been around for decades and continues to grow in popularity. Whether you are a hardcore football fan or just enjoy watching the Super Bowl every year, there’s no denying that football can be very entertaining. In Vietnam, many people have taken up the sport as their favorite pastime and invest time into playing it with friends on weekends or at home. While this may seem innocent enough, there are some safety concerns to take into consideration before diving head first into the world of football. Football academies offer aspiring young players training from professionals so they don’t have to worry about getting hurt while learning how best to tackle an opponent during a game!

Juventus Football Academy in Vietnam
Juventus Football Academy in Vietnam

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Football Academy

Besides Hoang Anh Gia Lai Football Club, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Football Academy – JMG was built as a professional football training school in Pleiku city, Gia Lai province. With an area of ​​​​5 hectares, the academy has all 10 football fields arranged indoors and outdoors with smooth grass, meeting international standards. In addition, there are swimming pools, gyms, saunas and student residences with spacious furniture and facilities. Students studying here will have to take the entrance exam held every 2 years and attend full-time boarding school after matriculation.

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Academy is Vietnam’s quality military “smelter”. After being admitted, students will be trained, taking care of accommodation costs completely free of charge. The players will learn English and French to communicate in an international environment.

Training model

  • The academy’s training model is heavily invested, creating the best training environment possible. Helping all students maximize their capacity, show their personal skills through years of practice.
  • They will learn culture, foreign languages, practice health and fitness, practice football techniques, participate in events at the academy, exchange and compete with teams and clubs. .
  • Diet and activities are supported by the academy and have a methodical schedule. A special feature is that the students are always trained in the habit of orderliness from books, competition clothes and practice. Besides, it is the practice of the habit of being on time, being serious about training and resting.


With more than 5 hectares, the campus is extremely large. There are 10 football fields at hagl academy, both indoor and outdoor. Facilities for maximum training of students. In addition to the large number of football fields, there are many other training and living areas: 6 living quarters, swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, weight training, playground.

Viettel Football Center

Viettel football center (viettel F.C) is currently called Viettel sports center. This is one of the most professional football training centers in Vietnam. Ages from U11 to U19 are trained and trained by the center. Aiming to provide the force, future professional-class players for the national team and other clubs.

Main activities

  • Training young players U11-U19: From basic to advanced, football training and culture and foreign languages.
  • Participating in sports and military-related event programs
  • The team competes in professional leagues like V.league
  • Providing human resources, the best players for the Vietnamese team: domestic and international competition
  • Create conditions for students to participate in many activities to develop their talents.

Extensive training system

  • Viettel football training center is one of the places with the largest football training system in Vietnam. There are 7 satellite training centers across the country: Hai Duong, Phu Tho, Thai Binh, Bac Giang, Thanh Hoa, Dong Nai and Da Nang.
  • All are provided with full financial support from facilities, learning equipment, etc. To help them develop as best as possible, however, through each school year, the viettel club has supplemented and screened the students. football talent.

Standard training methods

Currently, viettel center is training for more than 171 players from 63 provinces and cities across the country (excluding former players). The children undergo physical and technical training every day. The training method of the center with an extremely strict regime like in the army. All is also just for the purpose of how the students develop the best and best.

Professional selection and competition

Viettel football club creates conditions for children to show their talents, creating big playgrounds for them to develop. In particular, those with good physical, cultural, skills and technical qualities have the opportunity to be on the list of potential players. Can be selected to join the national football team or play in the main team of the club.

PVF Football Academy


  • On November 20, 2017, PVF Football Academy (Vietnam Football Talent Development and Investment Fund) inaugurated a central facility built with a total area of ​​22 hectares in Dong Thong, Long Hung commune. , Van Giang district, Hung Yen province.
  • PVF invested a lot in the process of building as well as operating the center with modern facilities, meeting all operational needs in the football training program. There are 7 courts here, of which 1 main stadium with a size of 3,600 seats, 6 training fields with the size of 11 people meeting international standards. The pitch system with grass, lighting equipment ensures the best possible playing conditions for the players.
  • PVF Hung Yen also has a leading modern sports science complex in the world. PVF Hung Yen Youth Football Training Center is also the first football training unit in Vietnam to have a comfortable 8-storey dormitory system, synchronous with cafeteria, hall, library, cinema room, etc. The center also has a team of medical staff, monitoring the physical development of young players, which is very important between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. Pool system for muscle relaxation and recovery training.
  • In addition, PVF is also equipped with a 360s simulation gym system and PlayerTek equipment to monitor player performance. Swimming pool, sauna, jogging track, gym, cafeteria, house… All are invested and meet all the best needs.

Excellent students

The students showed a lot of individual talents, were selected by pvf and competed at the national team level as well as big clubs such as:

  • Striker: Do Tan Thanh; Nguyen Khac Khiem; Nguyen Vu Tin; Ha Duc Chinh; Pham Trong Hoa; Vo Nguyen Hoang.
  • Midfielder: Do Thanh Thinh; Bui Tien Dung; Truong Van Thai Quy; Ho Minh Di
  • Defender: Vo Van Huy; Nguyen Huynh Sang; Le Van Xuan; Uong Ngoc Tien; Nguyen Trong Long; Le Thanh Phong; Mac Duc Viet Anh
  • Goalkeeper: Huynh Huu Tuan


  • 9 times won the runner-up of the national youth tournaments
  • Won 16 National Youth Championships
  • 8 times to win international youth tournaments, including those with strong youth teams of top clubs:
  • 3 times runner-up and 2 times won 3rd prize at international youth awards.
  • Japan, the national youth team of Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore,… participated.


  • International Achievements
    • U15 PVF ranked 8th/24th at the 2019 Rotterdam Cup.
    • WeChoiceAwards 2018 honored PVF in the category of Inspiring CSR Projects.
    • PVF received the Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
    • PVF U13 ranked 8th/24th and also won the Fairplay award at the Carpentras Cup, France 2019.
    • U13 PVF ranked 9/10 at the 13 Lenanrt Johansson International Tournament in Sweden in 2019.
  • Football ranking of national leagues:
    • At the National U19 Championship: Champion: 2015 and 3rd place: 2016
    • National U17 Championship: Champion: 2014, 2015 and Runner-up: 2013
    • At the National U15 Championship: Champion: 2012, 2013 and Runner-up: 2014, 2015
    • At the National U13 Championship: Champion: 2010, 2012 and Runner-up: 2011

Up to now, PVF has produced many excellent players. Many players are now playing at big clubs. Even some players who have not completed the program at PVF have been “ordered” in advance. Ha Duc Chinh and Bui Tien Dung are two typical names who have been trained from here. PVF’s goal is to target a generation of young players with both professional qualifications and good ethics.

Nutifood JMG Academy

Nutifood Football Academy belongs to Nutifood Company in Vietnam, currently training professional youth football. In September 2013, Nutifood signed a comprehensive nutrition sponsorship contract for HAGL Academy – JMG from 2013 to 2017.

On January 31, 2015, the signing ceremony was conducted with the presence of: Mr. Tran Thanh Hai – Chairman of NutiFood Group; Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc – Chairman of HAGL Group; Mr. Jean – Marc Guillou – President of JMG Global Academy officially established the 2nd JMG Football Academy in Vietnam “NutiFood Football Academy – JMG.

Training Objectives

  • The Academy enrolls football students in all provinces and cities across the country, through which it is the transmission of sports spirit and love for football to the young generation.
  • The purpose is to train excellent young players to contribute to the national team and Vietnamese football. Select football talents so that they can show their abilities as well as develop their own abilities.
  • Priority is given to clubs in Ho Chi Minh City, providing personnel for clubs to compete in professional tournaments.
  • Sticking with and developing long-term with Vietnamese football, wishing to contribute to promoting the country’s sports industry through youth football training.
  • The Academy is a place to search and discover talents, recruit and treat players with all the elements of talent, training, and technique towards world standards.
  • Not only are they trained in football techniques, but they also learn culture, foreign languages, and soft skills for the most comprehensive development.
  • In addition, the Academy will also be a training and communication center on nutrition education – physical education. Towards the spirit of sport, learning, and healthy exercise.

Football philosophy

The secret to the success of Nutifood – JMG Academy is to build a methodical training program. Playing football with style: “Beyond pragmatism, beautiful football with attack as the foundation still brings victory.

Key values ​​of JMG academy football philosophy:

  • Respect the values ​​of football: matches, players, referees, rules, etc.
  • Beautiful football is born from skillful technique, skill and character of each student
  • Nobility – every individual devotes their best to developing their own and collective capabilities
  • Respect the development of each person, do not shorten the period to maximize the ability of students
  • Smart, responsive to serve the team’s tactics and individual breakthroughs

Juventus Football Academy

Juventus Vietnam Football Academy is one of the newly opened youth football training centers, promising to contribute a lot of value to Vietnamese football. August 2019 is the second enrollment period of the academy, aiming to find young talents to put into professional training to become the best players.

In order to improve the quality of training, the academy has invited excellent coaches who have the most experience in training. In particular, Mr. Gianluca Settanni – head coach of the global Juventus Football Academy will directly participate in the selection of candidates. In addition, a team of famous Vietnamese coaches participated in the selection, including coaches such as Le Thuy Hai, Hong Son, Huu Thang, Phan Van Tai Em, Dinh Hong Vinh….

The selected players will sign football training contracts. The children are trained and trained at the academy: they are cared for in nutrition, learn culture, foreign languages, soccer techniques and equipped with life skills to become professional players in the future.

Juventus Academy Vietnam is confident that it will soon train new top stars for the country’s football, and that they are trying to negotiate to bring the current champions of the Serie A champions to Vietnam to interact with fans. tomb. Maybe in the not too distant future, superstar Ronaldo will come to Vietnam in campaigns to promote the image of the Old Lady of Turin.

Above is our summary of football academies in Vietnam. Hope the article has helped you better understand the country’s football background. For starter kids who loves football, parents could sign them up at these football training centers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Don’t forget to read our next articles.

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