Why is football the sport that Vietnamese people are most interested in?

Since the history-making feat of the U23 Vietnam national team recently, the attention of fans has been focused on the national team in particular and football in general with unprecedented speed and level. But will this have any impact on fan interest in sports content? Or whether the U23 fever is just a temporary trend that broke out from national pride and not from the pure love of sports of the Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese people cheer after Vietnamese football team won a match
Vietnamese people cheer after Vietnamese football team won a match

Football is the King sport

In general, Vietnamese users who follow sports information are very popular. The number of users expressing interest in sports content on the Internet is 3 times higher than the rest. Out of 4 respondents, only one person is outside the influence of sports. The sports that are loved by users are also quite diverse from swimming, volleyball, … to tennis. The most prominent among them is still football with about 85% of votes from users. Or it can be said that the sport for Vietnamese people is football.

Vietnamese football’s love has reached a relatively high level of passion. Out of 83% of users who describe themselves as football fans, ⅓ are crazy fans. They update almost all news related to their favorite players, tournaments, etc. A significant percentage, 64%, are medium level fans. This audience only reads prominent and important information with a frequency that is not as frequent as the fan base. The remaining 6% of users have a lower interest in football, for them sports information is a news activity, not one of the main concerns. Moreover, many quality football academies have been opened to train young talented football players in Vietnam.

Childhood memories

Football is a very easy sport to play. Just a round object and 2 or more people can play anywhere, from indoors to out in the yard. Many of today’s football fans have a childhood of wandering around, hiding from naps and playing soccer balls, leather balls. Those beautiful memories later followed them to grow into passionate fans when they themselves were no longer able to play like before.

Community spirit and snow effect

Vietnamese football has never been a prominent name in the region. However, under coach Park Hang-seo, he blew a new wind, helping the Vietnamese team reach new heights. The most special is the 22nd Sea Games Championship. With a complete 3-0 victory, after sixty years of waiting, Vietnamese fans from all over the country celebrated the championship with joy.

Moreover, with the help of social networks and the Internet, football news is shared at breakneck speed. Even people who do not know football can not be ignored but gradually attracted. Like a snowball, the bigger it rolls, the more the love for football is nurtured and blown up every time the national team plays. Storms with hundreds of thousands of people on the street have proved our solidarity.

National pride

To be able to make tens of millions of hearts sob together, it can only be national pride. That is the aspiration to affirm national bravery through sports. After thousands of years of domination, the Vietnamese people aspire to see their country win and be on par with other great powers in the region and the world.

Brand opportunities

Brands with a dynamic, youthful image and many elements related to sports or football will have many advantages when reaching users this summer. Brands need to pay attention to user behavior in the digital environment.

Up to 90% of users choose channels to watch live football on the Internet, showing a significant shift from watching football on traditional TV to digital content channels. Therefore, offering sponsorship packages and advertising on live football channels should be the first choice in the summer 2021 brand promotion plan.

Multi screens experience – multi screens is one of the remarkable behaviors of users, when they are watching live football matches. When asked about the activities that users often do while watching the live broadcast of the match on both online and offline, online activities dominate. Social updates lead the way with nearly half the rate.

For example, in the case of U23 recently, many moments based on the progress of the match recorded and shared by the online community on social networks immediately received tens of thousands of shares, likes and comments.

The second most popular online behavior with 40% of votes is chatting with friends to exchange match information. Chat in a group chat with colleagues who share similar interests to share impressive, memorable moments or simply celebrate victories together.

8 achievements in the history of Vietnamese football after only 4 years under Coach Park

Before making history with the first qualifying round of the World Cup, coach Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students created a series of equally proud achievements.

From being considered as a paved team, U23 Vietnam wrote one miracle after another when reaching the final of U23 Asia 2018 in Changzhou (China). This is a beautiful page of Vietnamese football history that many fans still refer to until now.

The 1 – 0 victory over the Syrian Olympic Games in the quarterfinals helped the Vietnamese Olympic team reach the semi-finals of the men’s football tournament of ASIAD 2018 for the first time.

With goals from Van Hau and Hung Dung, U22 Vietnam won the SEA Games men’s football gold medal for the first time after decades of waiting. This achievement has gone down in history as a resounding feat, adding lipstick to the country’s football history.

The 8 unbeaten matches at the AFF Cup 2018 helped the Vietnamese team’s unbeaten streak extend to 16 matches, surpassing world champion France (15 matches), becoming the team with the longest unbeaten streak in the world. With that achievement, Vietnam became the only AFF Cup champion undefeated during the past 10 years.

After 3 wins and 1 draw in the 2018 AFF Cup, the Vietnamese team has increased 2 places from 102nd to 100th on the FIFA rankings. Since then, Park’s teachers and students have never reached the top 100, but have gradually increased in rank. Until the end of the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, the golden dragon warriors are holding the 92nd place on the rankings.

The Vietnamese team has extended an impressive series of achievements in the confrontation with regional rivals to 28. As the head coach of U22 and Vietnam, Mr. Park and the Vietnamese team won 23 and drew 5 matches against Southeast Asian teams, achieving a win rate of up to 82%.

The Vietnamese team won 11 points, being one of the five best second-place teams to win tickets to the final qualifying round of the World Cup. This is the first time in history that the Vietnamese national team has made the closest move to the final round of a FIFA World Cup.

According to AFC rules, the 8 group winners and the 4 best runners-up will have tickets to go directly to the 2023 Asian Cup group stage. The Vietnamese team is in the top 4 runner-up teams with the best results after the round. The group and that achievement helped Park Hang Seo’s team to participate in the group stage of the Asian Cup for the first time without having to play in the final qualifying round.

Football is more than just a sports to Vietnamese people. If you’re interested in learning football in Vietnam, you can click here to know where to learn football in Ho Chi Minh City, and here to learn football in Hanoi. I hope this blog would help!

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